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Vocational Education and Training for the youth and adults

We are ROC Friese Poort

Students learn more than just a trade at ROC Friese Poort. We train them for a profession that is constantly in flux. At ROC Friese Poort, students choose their own route, both throughout the schooling and while gaining on-the-job experience. We invite them to take a journey towards discovering themselves, others and the world. As a result, they are able to grow in their trade and as a person. They then become the kind of professionals who are sought after by the profession: versatile and engaged, critical thinkers who act independently.

Making work out of your passion

At ROC Friese Poort, students are given the space and flexibility to develop freely and discover their passion. We help students connect to professional knowledge, their own talents and values, and the people and world around them. Each connection allows our students to grow in their own unique way, in their trade and as people. Once they have discovered their passion, we work with them to make it happen.

Christian vocational education

Based on our Christian ideology, we stimulate an open dialogue about and orientation towards humankind and our outlook on life. We base our philosophy on a rich history full of inspiring religious stories, using the Bible as an important source. At the same time, we are expressly open to other religions, cultures and views, and we also use elements from the practical art of living, philosophy, sport, art and culture. ROC Friese Poort is an inclusive organisation where everyone feels welcome and where we can talk to each other about anything and everything that makes life valuable. Consequently, we ensure our students receive a broad spectrum of training through their interaction with their immediate environment, fellow human beings and the world.

ROC Friese Poort provides Vocational Education and Training for the youth and adults. We have locations in Leeuwarden, Dokkum, Drachten, Sneek, Emmeloord and Urk.

Our promises

We make four promises to our students, employees, parents, companies, institutions and the region:

  • We are at the forefront of developments in the profession. 
  • We guarantee students bring out the best in themselves. 
  • We are the training institute in which everyone can continue to develop throughout their lives. 
  • We are committed to the region.

ROC Friese Poort stands for professionalism and personal development:

Appropriate learning environment

Employers are closely involved in the development of our training courses. As a result, our students will soon be able to offer the exact knowledge and qualities that employers require, now and in the future. Together, we find the best match between student, school and work. Sometimes we take the school to the workplace, sometimes we bring the workplace to the school. However, our students are always guided by professionals, both in the development of their craft and personally.

Fulfilment and a sense of purpose

Simply learning a trade is not enough. Employers look for employees who are independent, enterprising and versatile, committed people, who purposefully act on the basis of norms and values. From our Christian identity, we invite students to take a journey (sometimes literally) towards discovering themselves, others and the world. Each programme contains international and intercultural components. In Community Service Learning, students learn solidarity and contribute to a humane and sustainable world. Interaction with their peers is also important, which is why group work is always part of their training. Accordingly, we expand the view of their trade and of the world.

Personal guidance

Everyone is welcome and has the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves, even if that requires specialised support (Inclusive Education). We begin with intensive guidance and slowly work towards independent functioning. This requires a mutual effort, also on the part of the student.

Solid foundation

Before our students start practising and learning in work-based environments, we lay a solid foundation with preparation and guidance. In the first year of the school-based pathway (BOL), a great deal of attention is paid to knowledge, attitude, independence and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Students build strong ties to their fellow students during this year. For work-based pathway (BBL) students, who start work immediately, this foundation is set from the beginning alongside their work programme. We help students choose their own path in study and work throughout their entire course of study.

Own route

At our school, students follow their own route, depending on their wishes and talents, as well as developments in the field. We discuss questions such as, what are you good at, how do you learn best, and what are your ambitions? And this means our students can take control of and choose their own learning path, with optional components such as excellence programmes, for example. Modern ICT tools help with this to ensure there is always room for interaction and dialogue.

High quality

At ROC Friese Poort, we maintain a culture of quality, which is guaranteed through consistent discussion and improvement. Our teams are afforded the necessary freedom to shape education independently within this vision. We constantly work on improving our education using input from employers and students. We are innovative; we aspire to be good colleagues; and we hold each other accountable for agreements made. We work together in openness and are strongly driven by our values.

Educational concept

Vocational education and training has four educational levels:

  • Level 1: Entry level training 
  • Level 2: Basic professional training
  • Level 3: Vocational training
  • Level 4: Middle management and specialist training

The student can choose between two learning tracks at each level:

School and Internship (BOL)

The students attend school (almost) every day and also do internships at companies or institutions during their studies.

Working and Learning (BBL)

The students work most of the week and also attend school one or two days a week.

Fields of study

Students at ROC Friese Poort can follow courses in administration, construction, infrastructure, economics, trade, art, culture, hospitality, ICT, media, technology, beauty therapy, maritime studies, supervision, security, care and welfare.

ROC Friese Poort Business Courses

The recognised programmes, courses and training courses offered by ROC Friese Poort Business Courses facilitate the continuing development of adults to help them consolidate their position in the employment market.

Adult students, as well as working staff from the corporate world can enrol for day or evening courses at ROC Friese Poort Business Courses at several registration moments every year. It is also possible, depending on the student’s background, to enrol for fasttrack courses. The training is offered at one of the ROC Friese Poort locations or at work. We work closely with the student to find the most suitable individual solution.


ROC Friese Poort prepares its students for an international society and employment market by, for example, making it possible for them to do their internships abroad. In addition, ROC Friese Poort also organises exchange projects and develops learning methods in cooperation with foreign partners. To promote internationalisation, ROC Friese Poort also maintains contact with several foreign partners in the European Union (EU) and outside.

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