This is ROC Friese Poort

Welcome to ROC Friese Poort. ROC Friese Poort is a VET college in the north of the Netherlands that provides vocational training and a wealth of personal development opportunities for around 15,000 students. 


92% of students leave with a diploma. We also offer and deliver a range of education and training programmes for companies and institutions. We have facilities in Dokkum, Drachten, Emmeloord, Leeuwarden, Sneek and Urk and employ more than 1,600 staff.


Fields of study
Students at ROC Friese Poort can follow training programmes in the fields of administration, engineering and construction, economics, business, creative industry, hospitality, ICT and media, hair and beauty, maritime studies, security, health and welfare.

Students can choose between two learning pathways. The school-based learning with full-time education is called the BOL system. The work-based pathway, offering a combination of work and study, is called BBL. Both learning pathways offer programmes on four different levels.

  • level 1 entry level  (EQF 1)
  • level 2 basic vocational training (EQF2)
  • level 3 full professional training (EQF 3)
  • level 4 middle-management and specialist training (EQF 4)

The educational system in the Netherlands

Our educational vision 

At ROC Friese Poort students are not just taught a profession. We prepare them for a career in an internationally oriented field that is constantly evolving. They discover what they value in life, what they can do for others, and how they can use their talents to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world. This makes them the kind of professionals employers want – versatile, engaged, open-minded and discerning individuals who operate independently – and gives them a stronger footing in their professional and personal lives. 

Of service to others and the world 
It is not enough to simply learn a profession. Employers want their employees to be enterprising, versatile and self-reliant. They seek principled and committed individuals guided by strong ethical values. Inspired by our Christian faith, we encourage students to embark on a (sometimes literal) voyage of discovery to learn more about themselves, others and the world. All of our programmes address international and intercultural issues. Community Service Learning helps our students develop a sense of solidarity and commitment to a humane and sustainable world. This enlarges their understanding of their profession and the world. 

High quality
The quality culture at ROC Friese Poort is supported by continuous quality assessment and improvement. Since 2017, ROC Friese Poort and its partner colleges Alfa College and Landstede (collectively referred to as I-CNN) have held the VET Mobility Charter. The Charter is a quality mark awarded to secondary vocational education and training institutions with a proven track record of providing quality education that foster internationalisation in the broadest sense as part of their educational policy. The quality of international mobility is partly determined by proper preparation and supervision. For the new Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027), we have Erasmus accreditation, which replaces the VET Mobility Charter. In 2021, we were awarded for the highest quality of mobility activities with the Label of Excellence. 


International experience for students

International network

Opportunities for international cooperation

Innovative projects

Team Internationalisation