Opportunities for international cooperation

We like to work with partner colleges in other countries on an ongoing basis. Every year we welcome students and staff from other countries. 

Mobility opportunities for students and staff 

We organise excellent programmes for students from partner colleges. And if this includes a work placement, we provide supervision so students feel safe and supported. If you would like to arrange international experience for your students at ROC Friese Poort, please contact our Internationalisation Team. Staff employed by partner colleges in other countries are also welcome at ROC Friese Poort. They can observe a colleague as they work (job shadowing) and exchange ideas as education professionals.  There will also be opportunities to teach. This is an interesting experience for students and staff.  

In arranging mobility for our own students, we like to partner with colleges and companies in other countries, where we know the student will gain valuable international experience while having a secure safety net. To further their own professional development, our staff like to absorb new ideas at partner colleges. International teacher exchanges are also possible. 


team internationalisering

Team Internationalisation

Location Leeuwarden/Dokkum: Hylco van der Zwaag – hvdzwaag@rocfriesepoort.nl
Location Drachten: Wietze van der Wal – wivdwal@rocfriesepoort.nl
Location Emmeloord/Urk: Mettina de Vos – mdvos@rocfriesepoort.nl
Locztion Sneek: Jan van der Weijde – jvdweijde@rocfriesepoort.nl

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