International network

ROC Friese Poort is committed to actively expanding its extensive network, which includes international companies in the region as well as educational institutions and companies in other countries.

Collaboration with companies and the region

We are aware of the latest thinking and developments in our field. The current international labour market demands highly skilled and internationally competent workers who are able to engage in lifelong learning. We endeavour to meet this need and take things a step further. Working in close collaboration with our students and the internationally oriented fields they seek to enter, we design future-proof education, in which work and school-based learning are closely interwoven. 

Working together across borders 

By working together across borders and sharing our knowledge and experience, we continue to learn from each other as we bring our different areas of expertise to bear on important issues such as sustainability, connectivity, digital security, health and mobility. It is our job to ensure that our students are as well prepared as possible for their future profession. We have to teach them the right skills, expand their world and broaden their perspective. So when they finish their studies, they can enter their chosen profession with confidence and make a valuable contribution to society.

The benefits of international cooperation with ROC Friese Poort for partner colleges:  

  • Your (and our) students and staff develop a transnational perspective. 
  • Through global collaboration, we can help the world tackle important issues such as sustainability, climate change, digital security and health. 
  • Access to our international network for the development of professional knowledge and (educational) exchange.  
  • Through sparring with our internationally competent colleagues, you gain inspiration and ideas on how to promote internationalisation within your own institution.   
  • You can turn our strong ties with the region to your advantage.