Integration (English version)

Learning Dutch

Netherlands (Dutch version) Nederlandse vlag

Are you new in the Netherlands? Do you want to work here or get an education? Or do you want to live and stay here? In both cases, you probably want to learn the Dutch language as soon as possible.

ROC Friese Poort Bedrijfsopleidingen provides lessons of the Dutch language in Dokkum, Emmeloord and Leeuwarden. We work in small groups with very experienced teachers and we achieve good results. You will get a lot of attention and the possibility to learn using the computer. You can also learn a lot at home by yourself.

Check your possibilities

If you want to live and work in the Netherlands, you can Learn Dutch in preparation for the Integration Examination.

If you want an education in the Netherlands, you can learn Dutch in preparation for the State examination.

There is an oppurtunity to get a subsidy from DUO for the costs of the education. For further information, please visit