Innovative projects

ROC Friese Poort is involved in several innovative projects. We are also open to new partnerships.

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • Digitalisation (blended learning, digital resilience) 
  • Sustainability (Sustainability centre, solar teams) 
  • Citizenship 
  • Technological innovations 
  • Regional culinary innovation 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Bilingual education 
  • Inclusivity
  • Innovations in health and social care 
  • Innovations in the maritime industry (Yacht Builders Academy)


Digital Tutors, facing the new generation & challenges
For the international project "Digital Tutors - Facing the new generation & challenges"-  FP-Design is researching the digital guidance of students by teachers in vocational education with the aim of developing materials and training to strengthen and support teachers in this. Participating countries are Lithuania, Spain and the Netherlands.

The NextSteps@TechVET project takes place in the field of VET. In VET, there is a strong policy focus on work-based learning (WBL) as an educational strategy or approach. Thus, through focusing on WBL learning, the project responds to the EU priorities for VET (2015-2020) aiming to promote WBL in all its forms, by involving companies and VET providers. Participating countries are Finland, Latvia, Estonia and the Netherlands. 

Gigging’ Policy
The Gig Economy is an increasingly significant part of the labour market in which temporary positions are common (mainly for young people) and employers contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. There is a growing need to facilitate youth involvement in the design of policy about gig economy which will affect young people. Participating countries are the Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Lithuania, Spain.

This project aims at establishing practice-oriented cooperation between vocational schools and companies and developing concrete teaching material in the promising area of VR and AR technologies. Participating countries are Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland and the Netherlands.

Cook it Forward 
Cook it Forward (CIF) contributes to job creation and economic growth as it uses culinary culture and traditions as a driver for creative innovation. Students will propose innovative ways to lift the culinary traditions, ancient recipes, forgotten regional ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to the 21st century demand. Participating countries are Lithuania, Spain, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship 
The core idea of the project matches the international and European need to reverse and lessen the effects of the climate change. The younger generation is concerned about the future and the sustainability of the mother earth. Therefore, the consortium partners, monitored by external stakeholders, will develop the concept, the content, and pedagogical methods for the Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship study unit. Participating countries are Finland, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Welfare Technology in a Cross Sectoral Learning Environment 
The objective of this project is to combine the competences of technical, safety and health care education in order to boost the technological focus in health care education by applying a cross sectoral teaching and learning approach. Participating countries are Norway, Portugal, Finland and the Netherlands. 

Interreg projects 
In 4 projects, an international community of German and Dutch students has been created. The students introduce themselves in short personal videos and are supervised by an English teacher and a subject teacher as they get to know each other and learn more about the subject. Small groups of students (international teams) work on problems encountered in practice. These projects allow students to acquire intercultural competencies during the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and help them develop and deepen their (international) professional knowledge. 


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