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Training program for adults

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Do you speak a different language and you would like to improve your Dutch language? This course will help and prepare you for the Integration Examination.
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More information about the Dutch schoolsystem.

That’s why you choose ROC Friese Poort Bedrijfsopleidingen

  • Accelerated and flexible intake
  • You can combine work and family
  • Professional lessons in a classroom
  • Personal support

About the education
You will learn to understand, speak, read en write the Dutch language. Besides that you will prepare for the examination part Knowledge of Dutch Society during the course.

You will feel at home at ROC Friese Poort
All attention to you

We think personal attention is very important. Both at your choice of education and the support during your education. We have locations in Emmeloord, Dokkum, Drachten, Leeuwarden, Sneek and Urk. There will always be a location close to your home. Our education sectors all have their own section in the schoolbuilding with (for example) practise areas. We want you to have fun during your education and end the training with a good result. That’s why we have adjust our differrent education possabilities (as much as possible) to you. 

You will get lessons in a group at your own level. You will also practise and study at home. During the course you will learn the Dutch language by excercises and real life examples. You will learn to listen, speak, read and write the Dutch language with themes such as: the weather, spare time, living and health. You will also practise grammar, orthography and pronunciation in order to prepare for the Knowledge of Dutch Society part in the Integration Examination.

Duration of the course: average of 60 weeks, 3 parts of a day per week
Workload : minimum of 15 hours per week (7,5-10 hours = lessons, minimum of 7 hours homework)
Moment of classes : depends on the location. There are no lessons during schoolvacations.
The course will start when there are enough participants. 

Following education
We will teach you as much as possible to improve your language level. When you are done with the course and you are not at the required level to take part in the Integration Examination you can extent the course.

Admission assesment
Ability to read and write the Latin alphabets.

During the course you will be prepared for the Integration Examination. The examination is not included in the course. For further information about the examination please visit www.inburgeren.nl

Final document
Upon completion, you will recieve a certificate from ROC Friese Poort Bedrijfsopleidingen.

Costs custom
Costs of examination : not included
Total costs : custom
Tax : free
Extra costs : maximum of € 350,-

For some immigrants it is possible to get a loan from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO). For further information about getting a loan please visit www.inburgeren.nl. If you apply for this course you will first get a free intake interview. During this interview, we will assess your language  level. After that, we will discuss your course and the costs. Sign in for a free intake.

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